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In addition to experienced and knowledgable representatives, specialized equipment is necessary to analyze and solve the broad spectrum of water treatment problems encountered by our customers. You can rely on Mitco to optimize the operational performance of your process systems by helping you implement the proper chemical feed equipment.

Your Mitco Technical Representative will work closely with your representatives to devise a chemical feed system that is best for you.  A wide variety of systems that involve different levels of sophistication are available.  Based on your needs, the approach may range from a simple manual feed system to a fully automated controller that provides continuous monitoring of your system's operational data.  Automation and control software operated by a micro-processor takes readings from sensors and adjusts the level of chemical feed as needed in response to variations in system loads and water quality.  A corrective action can be prescribed in response to a specific event, allowing you to make changes to your system before a problem develops.  The system can even be programmed to alert you by telephone when it's time to reorder.

Your Mitco Technical Representative is experienced in designing and implementing automated monitoring and control systems.

Send an email or call 1-800-516-2175 to learn more about how a Mitco automated program can improve your system's performance.

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