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Mitco, Inc. - Environmental Policy
EPA Climate Leader - New CO2 Emissions Standards

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Struggling with the new CO2 emissions standards? You are not alone. Mitco experts partner with you on-site to measure emissions and develop a plan to minimize your carbon footprint. Mitco has 60 years of experience in optimizing boilers, chillers and cooling systems. Call today, and let a Mitco expert make your emissions reporting requirements a breeze.
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Your focus should be on your business. Mitco will focus on your water.

Mitco's Environmental Commitment

Mitco is the first specialty water treatment chemical company in the United States to receive an ISO 14001 certification for its Environmental Management Systems (EMS). A leader in the industry, Mitco is committed to promoting a healthier environment by remaining:
  • Committed to meeting environmental requirements.
  • Focused on pollution prevention.
  • Abreast of the latest proven environmentally-friendly technologies.
  • Willing to continually improve environmental programs.

How Mitco Can Help You

Together we can make a difference. Mitco can help you accomplish your ISO 14001 requirements and environmental goals by:
  • Optimizing a plant's boiler and cooling systems to reduce water usage.
  • Conserving natural resources in plant operations.
  • Setting up proper treatment of wastewater for safe discharge.
  • Recommending changes in operating procedures to solve problems today and avoid them tomorrow.
  • Properly applying effective chemical applications for optimization of system performance for maximum results.
  • Improving air quality through the use of effective chemical programs.
  • Providing customized training, including information on chemical handling and safety awareness.
  • Initiating effective recycling programs.
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