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Mitco, Inc. - Container Management

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No more chemical drums. That's just one of the solutions Mitco has for its customers. Your Mitco Technical Representative can help you design a personalized container management program that is both practical and economical for your business.

A Mitco container management program offers you the following benefits:
  • Eliminate the expense and liability associated with the handling and disposal of chemical drums.
  • Promote worker safety.
  • Free up warehouse space now used for storage of drums.
  • Improve inventory management.
  • Enjoy safe, reliable, and cost-effective on-site chemical distribution and storage systems.
  • Implement enhanced environmental stewardship.
  • Save time and money.


The Microbulk™ Chemical Handling System is a full-service handling system available in selected areas to customers who use as little as 110 gallons per year per feedpoint.  Microbulk™ provides the economy and convenience of bulk chemical storage without the usual capital investment.  The Microbulk™ system consists of a 165-gallon polyethylene tank with a dedicated filler hose and easy-connect fittings.  A Mitco Technical Representative monitors chemical use and ensures the tank is refilled as needed by a trained Delivery Specialist. A Mitco Delivery Specialist transfers chemicals directly to the Microbulk™ tank, thereby eliminating the need for drums.

The Minibulk system consists of deliveries in 400 to 2,000 gallon quantities by Mitco trucks. The driver transfers chemicals directly to on-site bulk tanks.  Specially designed Mitco delivery trucks can accommodate up to ten different products in a single shipment.  This results in reduced freight costs and improved inventory management.  All deliveries are made by highly trained, certified Mitco employees who are dedicated to safe and responsible distribution.
Full Bulk

Full Bulk is for sites where tanker truck accessibility is available.  Deliveries are made in minimum 2,000-gallon quantities, with chemicals pumped directly from the tanker to the on-site bulk tank.  Drum-handling, storage, and disposal are completely eliminated.
Returnable Bin

The Returnable Bin system involves one or more 330-gallon returnable bins delivered to your location.  Mitco provides all of the necessary quick connect/disconnect vent and outlet fittings for your convenience.  When you are finished with the bin, simply return it to Mitco freight collect for proper cleaning and refilling.
Repro™ Drum

An unlimited quantity of product can be transported in 30- or 55-gallon increments using RePro Drums. In addition, Mitco offers a drum-recycling program to customers and provides free pickup of empty drums by a third party. This solves the common problems associated with drum-disposal. As few as ten empty drums are picked up and shipped to a dedicated facility for safe recycling. No more triple-rinsing of empty drums or concerns of how to dispose of rinse water.
Bottle / Bag

Mitco utilizes safe plastic bottles of assorted volumes to transport smaller quantities of liquid chemicals and sturdy bags to transport smaller quantities of solid powdered chemicals.

Bottles are available in assorted volumes including Vial, Pint, 2 oz., 8oz., 16oz., and 32oz. sizes.
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